McLean Park

The McLean Park Grandstand is the replacement of the old timber structure known as the Harris Stand

Destroyed by fire in 1984, a team of consultants lead by Paris Magdalinos Architects was appointed in August of that same year and charged with delivering Stage I of the structure in time for the Rugby International Feature of 1985. The first piles were driven in October of 1984 and thus began a mammoth fast track project, using steel and precast concrete to erect the 2000-seat stand and fulfil the expectations of their charge.

The project moved at breakneck speed, whilst ensuring the construction programme and cost plan were maintained and the issue of public consultation with all interested bodies, sporting groups and vociferous political activists were kept informed and at bay to allow the project to meet its criteria.

The structure embodies strength and conviction. The use of concrete, steel and glass further ratify the strength of Hawke’s Bay Rugby, boldly symbolising the conviction and tradition of one of the country’s proudest provincial centres.

Upright precast panels are anchored and tied with steel. Vibrancy is brought to the hard aesthetic through the incorporation of fifteen large, red glass windows at the top of each access point further symbolising the starting fifteen.

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