Arohaina Apartments

Apartments of ‘loving care and concern’

The original Chest Block was built in 1952 and was converted to a maternity unit in 1974 and named Arohaina, translated loosely as ‘loving care and concern’. The ‘good bones’ of this building make it suitable for conversion to a mix of residential apartments. Given that the building can be recognised as possessing an inherent adaptive re-use potential, we do not intend to change the exterior character, but rather retain the majority of what already exists. The exterior walls and roof will remain while interior re-planning to suit the residential requirements will result in a variation to existing fenestration and to pedestrian access. The outlook defines views and provides keys as to arrival/departure and orientation of various elements of the design, while the climate defines the degree of openness or closure that is necessary to provide the basic essence of shelter necessary for the different seasons, and during day and night hours.

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