dynamic, design-driven, functional and practical

In John Ruskin’s words ‘all architecture proposes an effect on the human mind, not merely a service to the human frame’ and at PMA we strive to ensure our buildings do more than just enclose space, but do so with dignity, conviction and quality, at a realistic cost.

PMA’s solutions are dynamic, design-driven, functional and practical. Our proactive, innovative approach to building design and project management adds value to the design and construction process, for the duration of the project and beyond.

PMA’s design-driven philosophy is recognised by industry accolades and architectural awards, including two prestigious Supreme National Awards for Architecture, over 50 NZIA Regional Awards for Architecture and Colour, seven Art Deco Trust Supreme Awards for Heritage of the Region, multiple Master Builders Commercial Awards and various other industry awards.

It is this track record, plus our honest, open dialogue with stakeholders, that ensures our projects are completed successfully.