EIT Student Amenities

An enhanced multi-purpose facility for students, staff and visitors

Reflecting contemporary approaches to learning spaces, the EIT Campus Amenities project provides an enhanced multi-purpose facility for students, staff and visitors at the campus. At its centre is a new atrium, linking together three separate and architecturally diverse buildings. The atrium also doubles as a learning hub and communal student space. A lightweight insulated panel roof is supported on pre-cast concrete plinths distributed throughout the space. The Glulam structure that literally branches out from these plinths, acts as an extension of the tree canopy that the space opens out on to. Computer pods and furniture is integrated into this, underlining the use of the space as a learning hub. Alongside the Atrium, the old Student Amenities facility has been re-skinned and re-imaged.  A new entry and improved internal spaces provide a facility that moves the complex from being the ‘Student Café’ to a social and learning hub for the wider community.


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